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Justice-owned mines dispute ‘outrageous’ tax assessment in Tazewell county

A spokesman for coal mines owned by Jim Justice calls the tax assessment made by Tazewell County officials "outrageous."

According to Tazewell County Treasurer David Larimer, coal companies owned by Justice owe $854,634.06 in property taxes. A seizure warrant was executed on Wednesday at one of three coal mines owned by the gubernatorial candidate. 

“The company is disputing the outrageous tax assessment on these idled mines. As the coal market improves, we are committed to working with the county on a fair assessment to reopen these mines and put coal miners back to work," says Tom Lusk, a company spokesman for Jim Justice.

Tazewell County officials say they have not made any contact with representatives from Justice’s management team. Though a seizure warrant was executed, no equipment was moved. 


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