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Wyo. County water company subject of class action lawsuit

PINEVILLE, W.Va. (WVVA) A week after a Wyoming County water company was forced to notify customers it did not submit necessary water testing on time in 2017, WVVA News has learned the company is now the subject of a class action suit.

Attorneys Stephen New, Adam Taylor, and Mandy Taylor filed the suit on Tuesday on behalf of clients with health concerns they believe may be related to the quality of the water in Pineville. 

"I have very fond memories of growing up in Pineville," said Adam Taylor. "It breaks my heart to think that maybe things on a fundamental level there are not safe." 

After WVVA News broke the story on Saturday, Pineville Municipal Water responded to the missed reports by saying their water supply is safe and that the missed reports are just a mail mixup. A company spokesperson said they now send the reports by certified mail. 

But attorneys on the class action suit are not buying that story. 

"Our law firms have been contacted by individuals in Pineville and Wyoming County that seem to be related to the substances in the water," said New. 

Taylor’s father, a Pineville resident, was diagnosed with Kidney cancer in 2017. "He looks to be on the up and up now. But he lived a very healthy life up until that point and it seemed very strange to me and everyone around that this would be something he came down with." 

Whether his father’s cancer is related to the quality of the water remains to be seen. 

"We don’t have a tremendous amount of faith that people are being candid about what’s going on there. We need answers and we need to get them soon," said Taylor. 

The attorneys encourage any Pineville Municipal Water customers with or without health concerns to contact the law offices of Stephen New at  (304) 250-6017 or Taylor & Hinkle at (304) 894-8733. Residents without health concerns may be eligible for medical monitoring should future health problems arise. 


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