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Princeton Park and Recreation, bans smoking at popular outdoor facility

The Mercer County Board of Health failed to place additional restrictions on smoking indoors. But in Princeton, the Park and Recreation Department took action and successfully banned smoking at a popular outdoor facility. 

On Monday, the Recreation Department banned smoking at the Princeton City Pool.

"The City Park was already smoke free but the pool hadn’t made that move," said Amanda McCabe, Executive Director for Park and Recreation. 

With more kids headed to the pool for summer vacation, the department felt it was time to take action.

The department placed signage along the fence surrounding the pool. 

One pool goer, Leah Long, brings her grandchildren to the pool site, regularly. 

"You do have a right to smoke," Long said. "But our children have a right to have healthy lungs and not breathe in your second hand smoke. When the wind blows, you do catch that smoke."



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