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Traffic expectations during golf week

A Military Tribute might be at the Greenbrier but you can expect the traffic to be everywhere. That is why the Lewisburg Chief of Police Tim Stover says the city is doing everything it can to expedite the traffic flow through Lewisburg during the golf tournament. 

Starting Monday the Lewisburg Police Department will have officers stationed throughout the various intersections in town including the interstate ramps, the Wal-mart intersection and the Coleman Drive intersection.

Lewisburg Chief of Police Tim Stover advises, "If there’s an officer in the intersection follow what that officer says, but other than that use the normal traffic control devices to proceed."

The Chief adds that local residents may fair better with getting around the city than other visitors and tourists saying, "If you live locally you should know the back streets and the way to get around. We don’t anticipate a lot of heavy traffic until later on in the week."

All the traffic directing means a lot of officers on deck. Chief Tim Stover explained, "The PGA event pays our overtime for that week so we’ll have additional personnel out to direct traffic." The Chief adds that Lewisburg Police Department will be taking its normal calls as well. 

Not to be outdone the Lewisburg State Troopers will also play a part during the golf tournament. Sgt. Andy Evans says Lewisburg State Troopers will bring in additional state troopers from Charleston for a total of 25 state troopers. The typical staff for the Lewisburg State Troopers is seven.

The command bus will also come down from Charleston to sit on site at the tournament. The bus comes equipped with Meeting rooms, a bathroom, extra police equipment. Sgt. Andy Evans explains, "It’s a place for our guys to be able to get away but it’s also here in case an incident would happen we would have a command post kind of like a field office to go to."


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