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Behind the scenes: Golf Week preparation

Finishing touches are going on at the Greenbrier before players and thousands of fans pour in on Monday for A Military Tribute at the Greenbrier.

Operations manager Brit Donahue says, "We’ve been working on it for months." Tents are going up, stakes are going in, signage is being posted and landscaping is being perfected.

Donahue says those involved total almost 400 including landscapers, tournament staff, engineers, construction workers and more. Donahue says that does not count almost 700 volunteers expected during the tournament. Donahue says of the volunteers, "They do everything from players’ refreshments, to shuttling players, to helping out with the food."

The clubhouse undergoes a makeover as well. The golf shop turns into player and family dining, the clubhouse restaurants turn into hospitality centers and the locker room gets cleaned out of member items for the golfers to move in.

But come Monday what is done must be undone. Jamie Hamilton Associate Director of Golf at the Greenbrier cautions, "One of our least favorite parts of tournament week is Sunday afternoon. The event is over, everybody exhales [but] we start moving back into shop and cleaning up and turning everything back into normal business."


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