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I-77 lanes open, Fourth of July travel week

The West Virginia Department of Transportation is putting the "Roads to Prosperity" construction on hold, to make your fourth of July travels a bit easier.

The DOT will keep both Northbound and Southbound lanes open, during the Fourth of July holiday travel week. The lanes will stay open until July 9th. 

The truck detour at exit 1 for commercial vehicles will also be lifted during this time, but will return on July 9th. 

Gary Riffe manages the store "Beef Jerky," located right off Highway 460.

 "It will increase people wanting to stop here in Princeton," said Riffe.

Larry Cook has a popcorn location, directly off Interstate 77 at exit 9. He heard about the truck detour being lifted and has already seen a difference in traffic.

"I worked last Saturday and there was hardly any big trucks," said Cook. "Now you’re seeing a lot of big trucks coming in and actually stopping."

Cook says keeping the lanes open benefits everyone in the Princeton community. 

 "More traffic means, more money. It helps everybody when there’s more traffic." 

Construction will resume on July 9th, with Northbound traffic merging back into one lane. The DOT will begin construction on the Southbound lanes of I-77, with a contraflow traffic phasing for Southbound traffic. 


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