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Princeton Rays’ highest draft pick has big baseball dreams

Getting drafted in the 4th round of the 2018 MLB Draft is something that Grant Witherspoon will always remember. 

"It was awesome. It was awesome to get the call from my area scout. It was what I was looking forward to," Witherspoon said.

The outfielder from Colorado found a love for baseball at an early age. 

"Ever since I can remember I’ve seen pictures of myself hitting off a tee in the back yard," he said. 

That love for baseball grew to new heights as he got older. 

"I just love how it’s a really tough challenge every day. I mean, you could have a good day, and go 0-3. It’s a game of inches. Once you have success in something that’s that hard, it just feels that much better," Witherspoon said. 

Now that he’s with the Princeton Rays, the coaching staff is noticing just why he was drafted so high. 

"So far he’s shown some pretty good tools. He can run and go get it from the outfield. He’s made some nice catches to help the staff and help the club," said Jim Paduch, the Rays’ assistant/pitching coach.

West Virginia is a long way away from Witherspoon’s home in Colorado, but he’s hoping that his opportunity in Princeton will help make his dreams come true. 

"I want to play in the big leagues for a long time. I feel like that’s what everybody wants to do, but I’m fully committed and I’m all-in," Witherspoon said. 


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