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Treatment Plant in Athens, recovering from massive May flood

The bridge at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Athens was completely submerged in water, after a major flood in the Town of Athens in May. 

The flood caused massive destruction to the plant, including damage to it’s property and fences. 

Since the May flood, the plant staff has been trying to find funding sources to fix the damage because it didn’t receive state funding. 

The staff says they’ve been cleaning up debris and the plant is slowly progressing forward. 

The recent rain over the weekend did not affect the facility grounds and the plant continues to be up and running.

The Treatment Plant Operator Joshua Oliver witnessed and filmed the flooding at the plant. 

"We had an alert that we were going to get some rain flow," Oliver said. "I came right down to adjust the plant. When I approached the bridge to get into the plant, it was flooded. At that point, it was just 3-4 inches of water. It wasn’t 30 minutes later, the bridge had disappeared underwater. The bridge was still standing but flooded."

The heavy flooding in May caused major damages across numerous counties in the state. 


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