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Oceana spreads love and support to Emma McCoy

In the town of Oceana, family, friends and community are everything to residents.

“It’s how we are here, we just love the people,” Kevin Hall, Oceana Church of God student pastor, said. “We just love the community, our community is always here together just loving on each other. You walk down the streets of Oceana and just say, ‘Hey,’ to someone. That’s who we are.”

So when Emma McCoy, a Westside High School student, was diagnosed with the cerebral vasculitis, the community had only one thing on its mind: help in any possible way.

Saturday, family, friends and residents of Oceana walked a mile down Cook Parkway to show their love and support for McCoy. The town of Oceana also recognized the day as Emma McCoy Day.

“It means a lot,” McCoy said. “I am very thankful for everyone.”

The support from the community has been monumental in McCoy’s recover, according to her aunt Angel.

“They contacted us and told us they wanted to do this walk, and we were again very humbled and amazed,” Angel McCoy, said. “We told them, we thought it may be better to relocate to Cincinnati or somewhere with better treatment options, but you cannot get this type of support in a big city.”

Angel McCoy said that Emma is in high spirits, and is looking forward to the first day of school.

“She keeps a smile, she really misses cheerleading, but she’s really excited to be going back to school,” Angel McCoy said. “She really misses being with her friends, but we’re really looking for a light at the end of the tunnel so she can get back to some normalcy.”

Among the thoughts, prayers and love being sent to Emma McCoy, the town of Oceana wants her to remember one thing: never stop fighting.

“Keep fighting,” Hall said. “Keep fighting the good fight. Keep pushing, and first and foremost keep the faith. Believe.”

Her friends and classmates are also taking up donations to help with McCoy’s medical expenses. To contribute, visit


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