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Black Knight Country Club awaits its new name

The Black Knight Country Club will be receiving a new name by the end of September, Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold announced. 

After the city of Beckley bought the property in June, some members of the community were opposed to keeping the name because they felt as though it was associated with elitism. 

"It’s a tough issue," Rappold said. "I just go back to the fact that we sold this concept to the public. We got public support to make this tremendous acquisition by saying, ‘It’s open to everybody.’ If there are those, who just by virtue of the name, feel that they’re not comfortable coming to the Black Knight, we need to change the name." 

Rappold said that the city will be holding a contest to rename the Black Knight Country Club in the coming weeks. 

"We’re going to kickoff a campaign where we’re going to request public input," he said. "From basically this week through the week of Sept. 30, for suggestions to rename the Black Knight. So we’ll see how that plays out. 

Rappold said that those who want to participate can do so in a variety of ways. 

"We’ll have it posted on our Facebook, we’ll have a downloadable application on our city website," Rappold said. "We’ll have a number of drop off places. If somebody wants to write a suggestion on a napkin and drop it off at City Hall, or my office, or the Exhibition Mine, they can do that."


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