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Commissioners looking at turning animal shelter into non-profit, Mercer County

Mercer County Commissioners are considering turning the Mercer County Animal Shelter into a non-profit organization. 

The Commissioners are considering leasing the shelter to Mercer County Animal Shelter, Inc, and will hold their first reading for the contract during tonight’s Commissioners meeting. There must be three readings before the contract can be approved. 

Commissioner Gene Buckner says the lease agreement will help Mercer County save money.

"The first year we could save approximately $200,000, which would go back into general revenue for the County," Buckner said. 

But the decision to make the shelter a non-profit still isn’t final. 

"We may not have a reading today, it just depends on how the meeting goes," Buckner said. "There’s a lot of push-back and we’re looking at that. We’re going to listen to the public and take their opinions."

Elizabeth Morehead is the Director for the Mercer County Animal Shelter. She says the shelter closed one hour early so employees could attend the meeting.

"We’re here in this shelter more than we are with our own family," said Morehead. " We’ve established our own family here and everyone will be going to the Commissioner’s meeting, supporting what they believe in."


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