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Daniels Elementary hosts back to school tailgate

Daniels Elementary School hosted a back to school tailgate. The afternoon included free food and a chance for students to meet their teachers for the upcoming academic year. 

"This is our welcome back event for the school year, for the 18-19 year," Alvin James, Principal of Daniels Elementary School, said. "It’s just a chance for all of our parents and teachers and students to get reacquainted for the new school year." 

Teachers and staff members from Daniels wore football jerseys and handed out free samples of food that will be served at the cafeteria this year. 

"This year we decided to call it a tailgate," James said. "So we’re having free hot dogs [and] free food samples that we serve daily for lunch. We’re selling school T-shirts and giving away folders and pencils." 

James said that he and the staff of Daniels Elementary School are looking forward to the school year. 

"I think this is going to be one of our better school years," James said. "We’re really looking forward to the year."


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