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Students honor teen who passed away, Montcalm High

Students at Montcalm High School took time to honor one of their own who died after sustaining serious injuries in a car accident. 

17 year old Courtney Conley was a Senior at Montcalm High. She passed away on Saturday from injuries in a head on car accident on Route 20, near Bluewell Friday evening. The driver of the other vehicle died at the scene. 

Friends and classmates put messages and pictures on her locker and parking space. The students also created a board where they wrote personal messages about Conley. 

One of the notes written was from Ariel Carter which read," There was no one else I’d rather spend my childhood with, you’ll live forever in my heart."

Montcalm High Principal Craig Havens says students wanted to show how special Conley was to the school.

"Courtney was a very dedicated, intelligent and caring student," said Conley. "She was a wonderful student."

Principal Havens says it will take time for the staff and students to adjust to what happened, but encourages each person to remember all the good things about Conley.

"Remember the wonderful smile that she had and the person she was," Conley said. 

Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is still investigating the crash. 


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