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Hatfield McCoy trailhead opens in War

The Hatfield McCoy trail system spans hundreds of miles of off road trails across West Virginia. Several towns now host trailheads, or entry points into the system. Now, War is adding to the list of towns with a trailhead.

The trailhead will serve the Warrior Trail branch of the Hatfield McCoy trails, providing access to 80-100 miles of new trails under the system. The trail system will connect War to Gary and Welch.

War mayor Robert Beavers is optimistic with the arrival of the trailhead. “We’re hoping it will create a few jobs, businesses, and all in all boost the economy some”. This would follow a similar outcome to other towns that have hosted trailheads.

Bramwell is experiencing a revitalization due to the Hatfield McCoy trail system. Mayor Louise Stoker is hoping that War will see some of the same prosperity Bramwell has seen by hosting a trailhead.

It’s easy to see how the ATV Economy has transformed Bramwell. The Rolling Into Fall event on Labor Day in Bramwell is has multiple events that include ATVs.

Ross Harris

Weekend Meteorologist/ Multimedia Journalist

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