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Northbound construction complete, I-77

The West Virginia Department of Transportation is finished with Northbound construction on Interstate 77, between Exit One and Exit Nine. The DOT wanted to ensure all lanes on the highway would be available for traffic during the Labor Day weekend.

Emilie Roush lives in Narrows,Virginia and shops in Princeton,daily.  Roush says the commercial truck detour onto 460 slowed her down.

“The traffic was so bad I started going to Christiansburg to do all my shopping,” said Roush. “I’d have to get through 5 cycles of lights just to get through it.”

She’s excited about Northbound Construction being finished before Labor Day.

“The holiday weekend would be a mess if they hadn’t finished,” Roush said.

Brent Walker, Communications for the DOT says weather permitting, Southbound construction will begin next Wednesday.



Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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