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Oak Hill hosts 20th Oak Leaf Festival

Three days of fun this weekend awaits the Oak Hill community, and it’s all for free.

Oak Hill will be hosting its 20th Oak Leaf Festival. The event kicked off with a baking contest, wine tasting and high school football game.

“We’ve got plenty of music, plenty of vendors [and] plenty of entertainment,” Saundie Smith, event coordinator of the Oak Leaf Festival, said.

Smith and her team take pride in offering the community a variety of options at the Oak Leaf Festival every year.

“[There is] a lot of planning for it,” she said. “A lot of planning. We have meetings every month and as it gets closer we do them every other week, and then we do them every week.”

But local residents aren’t the only ones who enjoy this event. Local bands, restaurants and vendors enjoy the opportunity to network with the community.

Donnie Hagy, lead singer for The Beach Nite Band, said that he continues to play the event because it gives him the chance to meet new people and promote his group.

“Getting out at festivals and things like this is really a sure way to get out,” Hagy said. “[And] they like you, you hope.”

Restaurants also see an increase in traffic during the Oak Leaf Festival. Don Williams, owner of Cafe One Ten, said that this event helps his establishment.

“Especially [when] the parade will be going on,” Williams said. “They’ll need somewhere to come in and grab a bite to eat. Then just in general it will be hot so they will want to come in and get something cold to drink. We’re at a prime location.”

The Oak Leaf Festival will run through Sunday, September 2. The events will wrap up around 10 p.m. that night.

Jordan Cope

Multimedia Journalist

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