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Water treatment plant fixed for Lewisburg, recovery gradual

(Lewisburg, WV) The City of Lewisburg announced the water plant treatment and distribution operations are now functioning at full capacity. Gradual improvements in all tank levels were seen overnight and are expected to continue through the weekend if no further issues arise.

In a press release Jacy Faulkner City Manager said due to water tank level improvements the water conservation order is being modified from mandatory to voluntary. She also cautioned that everyone should still do their part to reduce water usage until tank levels fully recover and that the Boil Water Advisory is still in effect until further notice. Water samples are being taken at multiple sites throughout the entire system so that the Boil Advisory can be lifted as soon as possible.

For those in need Jacy said a water tanker for drinking water is still located at Fire Station #2, 219 North in Lewisburg. There is also a second water tanker at Fire Station #2 for Agricultural needs. A third tanker, not for general public usage, is also servicing the hospital to make sure all their needs are met at this time. The tankers will remain in place until the water system returns to normal, all advisories are lifted and they are no longer needed.

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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