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Former Hometown Hero hopes to bring soup kitchen to Princeton

You may remember Dale Caldwell, a man living under a porch in Princeton who was reunited with his family after seven years. The reunion was made possible thanks to Fred Kinder, former Hometown Hero and founder of Warm a Heart, Give a Bed. Kinder collects sleeping bags and offers them to those without a bed of their own.

Last year, they handed out over 5,000 bags.

Now, Kinder has officially secured the title of a non-profit and he has a big dream on the horizon. He said, “Now, my big step is to put a soup kitchen in. Who knows… we start with a soup kitchen and who knows where Warm a Heart, Give a Bed will end up.”

The only thing missing to get this dream up and running is a venue, and he wants it now.

“I do not want to wait until winter time and it’s two foot of snow on the ground, and people are messaging me saying ‘Hey, do you know there’s a homeless person here, Fred?’… Lets get them fed.”

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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