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Senator Manchin at Autumnfest

Senator Joe Manchin paid a visit to Autumnfest in Princeton today.

“It’s great that people keep this alive in Princeton and Bluefield and basically all Mercer County, but I know right now… I’m just happy to be here in Princeton,” said the senator before getting down to politics.

On the call for the Kavanaugh FBI investigation, Manchin says he supports it, “I think it puts the closure to this, and it gives a lot of people that ‘hey… every T’s been crossed, every I’s been dotted’. It’ll run for one week they should be able to get all their business done in one week, an investigation should be done, there should be a finding from that, and then people can make up their mind. It’ll be very helpful I think.”

President Donald Trump is scheduled to make another appearance in the state of West Virginia tomorrow. Manchin says, it’s not a bad thing when the president visits our state. “When the president does come, we get to show them all the good things that are happening and all the challenges. You can’t do anything by yourself. It has to be federal, state and local government working together. It has to be Republicans and Democrats putting their country and their state before their politics… I’m glad he’s coming. I just hope he’s coming for all of us to work together and make it better.”

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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