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Concerns about recycling program, Mercer County

Mercer County Commissioners addressed several issues today during a special meeting. One topic on the agenda, possible issues with the recycling program in Mercer County.

The Mercer County Landfill is addressing concerns because of waste streams being cut.

The amount of waste coming into the landfill has dropped and the landfill is trying to find ways to save money and time.

Eli Testerman is the Executive Director of the Mercer County Solid Waste Authority. He’s encouraging residents that bring their recyclables to the landfill, to separate their items correctly, beforehand.

“It’s very time consuming if we get a bag of material in and it’s not just one bag but it’s hundreds of bags,” said Testerman. “Whether it’s from a community effort or an individual bringing it in,it really helps us if the material is separated.”

Separating your items helps the landfill to ship items out in a timely manner while saving money.

“We won’t have laborers go through the materials and separate everything out.”

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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