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Economic Study approved, unused railroad tracks

The Bluestone Valley Trails Group is working with Spearhead Trails to connect a rail line between Pocahontas and Bramwell by re-purposing two unused railroad tracks.

The Mercer County Commissioners just approved an Economic Impact Study to see if the project is a go.

“We don’t want to interrupt traffic on the coal and freight lines,” said Commissioner Bill Archer.

The unused railroad tracks are located near the main Norfolk Southern Train Line. The study will determine if the two unused railroad tracks can be used for rail bikes, also known as Draisine Tours.

The Bluestone Group is working to create water and trail activities throughout the region, that complement the booming ATV industry.

“The more things that we have to do in the county, the more things we can offer people especially from an outdoor perspective,” said Jamie Null, Executive Director for the Mercer County Convention &Visitors Bureau.

Melinda Booth is the Resort Manager at Pocahontas ATV resort and sees lots of business from tourists.

“I think that could be one of the greatest things to come to the area,” said Booth. “Its bringing these towns back from the brink of being a ghost town to now being able to actually work on the towns. They’re able to bring income into the area which is what tourism is all about.”

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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