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Students raise money for flood-damaged school in New Bern

(Lewisburg) The Student Government Association at Greenbrier East High School is raising money for a flood damaged school in North Carolina.

Tempyss Turner a Greenbrier East student had extended family that lived in New Bern North Carolina. They had been affected by the flooding from hurricane Florence. Turner explains saying, “They were saying their house was flooded. The school was flooded. And things weren’t doing well.”

The students of Greenbrier East SGA decided to make contact with the high school in New Bern and found out it had been affected by the flood as well. Turner describes saying, “They were saying that their school was just filled with water and they’re going to need school supplies.”

The students decided to fund raise during homecoming time. Gracie Cornelius in student government said, “We’re fundraising for the New Bern fundraiser instead of fundraising for our own homecoming court. And we just feel really, really strongly about this project. Again because of the 2016 flooding that we experienced, and how it’s still rocking our community, and people are still scared of the flooding again.”

The students have been fundraising since September. Brett Napier in student government described a parade the students fund raised at saying, “It was incredible to see how our local community really supported this effort and they donated well over what we expected them to in that one parade alone.”

If you would like to donate contact Greenbrier East High School.

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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