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Parents of teen say he hid feelings before suicide

(WVVA) It’s been an emotional two weeks for the family of Justin Dye, the fifteen year old Richlands High School sophomore who took his own life on October 15th.

Richlands students memorialized Justin’s death around the school flag pole the day after, and concerned Tazewell neighbors gathered earlier this week to talk about the treatment of students.  Reports of bullying surfaced at the time of Justin’s passing, and the death is being investigated by the Tazewell County Sheriff’s office.

Janet and Jason Osborne, Justin’s mother and stepfather, spoke with WVVA to share their son’s story .

Jason Osborne shared the challenge of getting children to tell their parents about problems with other students. “He didn’t really want to tell us. He didn’t want to be in trouble.”

Janet Osborne emphasized parental awareness. “I just feel like parents need to be more aware of your child’s behavior if grades start dropping. {There are} signs you can tell if they are depressed. Justin tried to hide his feelings very well the last couple of weeks.”

Tazewell County Schools Assistant Superintendent Chris Stacy said no new policies have been implemented since Justin’s death.

WVVA Staff

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