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Middle school students help build a prosthetic

(Fairlea) InFebruary of 2016 WVVA brought you a story about Nataniel Guilmart. Students made him a prosthetic hand using a 3D printer. Now middle school students are working to improve the design.

Students from the engineering program at Eastern Greenbrier Middle school collaborate on a real world project that’s making a difference for Nataniel again. They’re making him an adapter for his prosthetic hand.

Ann Thomas, Nataniel’s grandmother says, “It’s just a blessing that’s all we can say.”

Nataniel explained saying, “It helps me grab onto things with my right hand. And it just makes me really happy.”

The way it works is a 3D printer prints the parts for the prosthetic hand. The students from the middle school will then take the parts and put them together so Nataniel can have his adapter.

The process is good for the middle school because it gives students real world learning.
Abby Warfield a student in the engineering program explained saying, “We get to have [Nataniel] come in, and we talk to them and see what they need.”

For Nataniel, it means he can be a ten-year-old and play ‘Just Dance’ on the Wii with his brother and sisters. Nataniel said, “I’m gonna have a hand to where it can hold the Wii remote and it won’t slip out.”

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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