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Ice storm damage, Mercer County

Many residents and commuters felt the impact of Thursday’s ice storm.

Drivers across the State were warned to watch out for the ice on all roads. But commuters and residents in Bluefield seemed to keep right on trucking along.

The icy weather conditions didn’t slow one man down.

Jonnie Grace and his wife were traveling from South Carolina to Northern Virginia but they decided to make an overnight stop in Bluefield.

“It was lousy weather,” said Grace. “I’m in no particular hurry so I just pulled off. The weather doesn’t affect me too much but for a lot of folks, it’s time to get off the road.”

One Bluefield resident is feeling the impact of this ice storm, because a tree fell in his yard.

It fell in our parking lot,” said Sheraz Khurshie. “I have to call someone to take care of it. ”

Although Sheraz wasn’t expecting a tree to fall in his yard, he says the storms impact, could of turned out much worse.

“Our power so far is good. I’m just hoping for the best and we’ll see what happens.”


Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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