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Santa Claus is adding names to his Christmas list, Mercer County

Christmas may be weeks away, but Santa and his elves are already on the move! They’re busy delivering Christmas presents to k-5th students across the county.

The Christmas bunch is made up of utility workers and volunteers, helping to make a child’s holiday a little bit brighter.

Now Santa is adding more names to his Christmas list!

“We bring Santa Claus in on a fire truck, a police car, we make as much racket as we can,” said Jason Knowles, head of security for Santa. “We just make it as memorable for these kids as we can.”

One way Knowles leaves a lasting memory for the kids is wearing a suit with flashing Christmas lights!

“This suit is the star of happiness,” said Knowles. “When the kids walk into Disneyland, what do they see? They see outfits and lights. We’re Disneyland right here in Princeton.”

Santa and his team want to surprise 3,500 kids with a Christmas present this year! They’re doing it in hopes of reaching a child who might not otherwise receive their Christmas wish.

“Instead of trying to pick the children out that need help, everybody gets a toy,” said Knowles.

The group has set a goal to raise $35,000.

“This represents our main goal for the year,” said Knowles. “We’re a third of the way there.”

Anyone interested in sending donations can contact Jason Knowles via email at, or you can visit the Jason Knowles’ Facebook page.




Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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