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No rise in Hep A in Mercer County

After a year that saw a rise in Hepatitis A cases in West Virginia, with a recent outbreak in Raleigh County, some businesses are being proactive.

Grant’s Supermarket offered the vaccine to its Mercer County employees on Monday. Special attention is being paid to food handlers since Hepatitis A is spread by eating or drinking food with the virus on it. While you should be aware of Hepatitis A, it’s not something to freak out about. Especially in Mercer County.

Mercer County health professionals say that have not seen a big increase in Hepatitis A cases.

“We truthfully have not (seen an increase), we have had a couple that we have investigated, and those have actually stemmed from the Charleston Huntington area” said Becky Walker, a registered nurse with the Mercer County Health Department.

That’s good news: still, it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself. Always wash your hands with warm soapy water before eating, and you can receive the vaccine for additional protection. This is something that most insurance policies will cover.

Ross Harris

Weekend Meteorologist/ Multimedia Journalist

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