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LATEST: Multiple mine rescue teams to search for missing persons

UPDATE: Rescue crews are still searching for three people believed to be inside an abandoned Raleigh County mine.

As of 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, rescuers have made their way 4,000 feet into the Rock House entrance of the mine. A fresh air base was also established. Unfortunately, deep water prevented a team of rescuers from entering a mine portal located in Boone County.

Eugene White, director of WV Miner’s Health, Safety & Training, and a spokesperson with the West Virginia National Guard will meet with media outlets at 4 p.m.


(WVVA) Efforts to rescue two women and a man believed to be inside an abandoned coal mine continue in Raleigh County.

Pumps ran all night to help remove standing water and large fans are in operation to move fresh air into the main entrance.

According to Samantha Smith with the West Virginia Department of Commerce, crews have also gained additional access to one of the mine’s portals located in Boone County.

Multiple rescue teams will be deployed Wednesday.

“A four-man team will enter the main portal on the Boone County side of the mine, aided by four team members who will guide the effort from the surface,” said Smith. “Two four-man teams will enter the mine from the Rock House entrance in Raleigh County, with support on the surface.”

The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office have released the names of the three people believed to be inside the abandoned mine.  They are Kayla Williams, 25, of Artie, WV, Erica Treadway, 31, of Pax, WV and Cody Beverly, 21, of Dorothy, WV.

Eddie Williams, 43, of Artie, WV made his way out of the coal mine on Monday.

The search for the missing group first began on Sunday.


(WVVA) Law enforcement in Raleigh County have released the names of the three people believed to be missing inside an abandoned coal mine.

Kayla Williams, 25, of Artie, WV
Erica Treadway, 31, of Pax, WV
Cody Beverly, 21, of Dorothy, WV

Beverly, Treadway and Williams have not been seen since the early morning hours of December 8. An ATV there were believed to have been riding was found outside the entrance to mine located in the Clear Creek area.

Eddie Williams, 43, of Artie, WV made his way out of the coal mine on Monday.  He was briefly detained by the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, but was not arrested.

Crews are working to remove “standing water from an alternate entryway and pump fresh air into the mine,” according the Samantha Smith with the West Virginia Dept. of Commerce.

Gov. Jim Justice met will family members of those missing in Whitesville Monday night.

“These families, friends, and the entire community are really hurting and need to be in our prayer,”said Gov. Justice. “We also need to keep the mine rescue teams in our prayers as they attempt to pull off this rescue.”

We’ll have more on this story as it becomes available.


UPDATE: The rescue team searching for thee individuals inside an abandoned Raleigh County mine had to exit the mine Tuesday morning due to poor ventilation and mud.

Family members  were given an update at the command center located outside the UBB Memorial in Whitesville, WV.

We spoke with Steve Scarbo, grandfather of Cody Beverely, one of the three people still inside the mine. Scarbo says MSHT (Mine, Safety, Heath, Safety & Training) temporarily halted the search until more pumps and equipment. can be brought in. It’s likely the rescuers will not reenter the mine until Wednesday.

The search began after four people were reported missing late Saturday night near the Elk Run Coal Company’s Rock House Powelton Mine in the Clear Creek area.

One of the missing individuals, identified as Ed Williams, walked out of the mine Monday. He was detained but not arrested. We understand he is assisting in the search.


RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVVA) As of just after midnight on Tuesday morning, The West Virginia Dept. of Commerce says two four-man teams were preparing to enter the Rock House Powellton mine again, after a man emerged from the mine with information about the location of the remaining missing individuals.

The team exited the mine earlier on Monday night because of dangerously low oxygen levels.

As Governor Justice was updated on the situation, he immediately authorized additional personnel and resources to aid in the rescue of the missing individuals.

“When I learned that the missing people were still in the mine I said we needed to go as fast as we can go to get back in there and get them out,” said Governor Justice.

“From the beginning I’ve said we needed to use all the resources available to us. Many prayers were answered when the one individual exited the mine with information about where the others were located. We are praying they can be found quickly and brought out to safety.”

The Office of Miners’ Health, Safety & Training, WV National Guard, WV State Police, Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, Boone County Sheriff’s Office and mine officials have coordinated on the search and rescue efforts since the four individuals were reported missing late Saturday near the mine in Clear Creek, WV.

The MHS&T mine rescue team was activated early Sunday morning after an abandoned ATV the individuals were believed to be riding was found near the mine entrance.


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