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Icy conditions slowing down residents in Mercer County, back roads

Mercer County schools are back in session today, after a 2-day snow break. But some drivers in Princeton are still feeling the effects of the snow storm, with some describing their back roads as “unbearable.”

One of them is Gina Blankenship and she made the decision to leave her car at home.

“I had to walk because it’s so slick where I live,” said Blankenship. “Just because there was school today doesn’t mean the roads aren’t slick. There’s ice and snow.”

Tony McCoy works in the construction industry and lives in Princeton.

“The roads are slick,” said McCoy. “The ice is bad. I had to get a ride here but it was rough for them too.”

Charles Akers says his area received about 10 inches of snow on Monday and now the roads are just plain slippery!

“It’s slick even if you think you know what your doing,” said Akers. “I fell, with one step, I was on the ground.”

Blankenship has one concern about future snow storms, the back roads being cleared.

“People live on these back roads, a lot of older people and kids,” said Blankenship. “There needs to be more attention to the back roads because people can’t get out of their driveways.”


Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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