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Pickleball becoming a favorite for all ages at The Greenbrier

A mix of tennis, ping pong and badminton — pickleball is growing in popularity at The Greenbrier and across the region.

“We have the traditional sports like golf and tennis that have over a century of history here, but we’re always looking to add the newest most popular thing, and I think pickleball is one of those things,” Director of Public Relations Cam Huffman said. “It’s growing in popularity around the world. We saw that and wanted to be able to offer it here.”

Skilled or inexperienced, young or old, pickleball is a game anyone can enjoy.

“People can come out, you know, they’ve never played before,” Head Tennis Pro Jenny Tuckwiller said. “The can walk on the court and be competetive. Or you can have a tennis player that’s used to racquet sports and get on the court and be pretty competitive.”

If pickleball sounds like the sport for you, there are courts and clubs in Bluefield, Welch and Princeton that are waiting to be explored.

Nick Dugan

Sports Director

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