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Un-plowed roads hold homeowners captive

Windmill Hill Rd. is quite literally a hill and homeowners are having a tough time navigating it after the heavy snowfall on Sunday.

No snow plows ever came to clear Windmill Hill Rd.

Residents took it upon themselves to shovel some parts of the streets, but the street is long and the conditions are dangerous.

While the ice turns to slush during the day, each night when the sun sets, the temperatures fall below freezing and it starts all over.

Randy and Theresa Helton live on Windmill Hill Rd. They say the city dropped gravel but it’s not doing much to stop their vehicles from sliding. Randy slid into a ditch this morning.

Another one of their concerns is the health and safety of their neighbors. “If they need medical help, how are they going to get people up and back down safely? We got an elderly woman that lives up there and her dad. If you lose control going around the curve, you go right into that woman’s fence or house,” said Randy.

For now, their only option is to wait for it to melt. Or, shovel out themselves.

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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