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Santa comes early to Anawalt in parade

It may not be December 25th yet, but it sure felt like Christmas today in Anawalt. Mountain Mission, a church group from close to Greenville, SC partnered with Anawalt’s municipal services to bring a special day to the town.

The day started with a Christmas parade, featuring fire trucks, ATVs, and even Santa. Afterword, Santa gave gifts in Anawalt’s town hall to good girls and boys.

Mountain Mission has a strong partnership with Anawalt, bringing Christmas gifts in the winter and fresh produce in the summer. “Means a lot to the kids and residents of Anawalt, it means quite a bit, and we get quite a lot of help from these people” said Anawalt Municipal Judge Floyd Graham to WVVA-News.

However, it wasn’t just Mountain Mission being philanthropic. Anawalt Mayor Dorothy Wilson also donated many toys to the kids. “The mayor here in Anawalt has done a tremendous job” Graham told WVVA-News.

Mountain Mission is happy to spread the message of Jesus to the town. “We do everything so that people will see Jesus and not us, and we try to spread the same blessings that have been given to us” Wanda Pruitt, a member of Mountain Mission, told WVVA-News.

Ross Harris

Weekend Meteorologist/ Multimedia Journalist

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