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Cleanup continues after tugboat crashes into KY bridge, dumping barges of coal

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – A section of the Ohio River has been re-opened after a tugboat crashed into a bridge, spilling tons of coal into the water.

It happened in Louisville, Kentucky last week.

The U.S. Coast Guard says the vessel was carrying 15-loaded coal barges at the time of the crash, causing them to break free into the water. Six of those barges sank, while one remains stuck in the gate of the dam. The rest of the barges have been collected or are currently floating on the river.

That could cause big problems for things like commerce and power plants, according to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Right now, the Coast Guard is urging people not to get “too close” to the river because the conditions are dangerous.

An incident report shows a similar accident happened to the same vessel back in April.

When asked about that incident, Coast Guard officials said every incident is investigated separately and that once investigations are complete, enforcement is considered.

NBC News

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