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Drunk driving on your own property could soon be legal in W.Va.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WVVA) It could soon be legal to drive on your own property while intoxicated.

Legislation passed in the West Virginia House of Delegates on Thursday that would protect drivers from the charge while they are on their own property. The move for clarification on the issue came after a 2012 case where a man was charged with DUI while driving an ATV on his own property.

In clarifying the bill before the vote, Del. Brandon Steele, (R) 29th Dist., said “this bill provides a provision that if it is your intent to leave your property and police were to find you off that property or re-entering your property, you can still be charged with DUI.”

Lawmakers said the bill does not protect drivers in cases of injury or death or from civil liability.

The legislation passed in the House of Delegates by a vote of 97-2. It now heads to the West Virginia Senate for consideration.

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Annie Moore

Multimedia Journalist

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