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Bluefield General Surgeon retires after 40 years

After nearly a century of serving the Bluefield community, Dr. Vijaykumar Phade is retiring.

“Bluefield is losing a really, really wonderful, professional surgeon doctor who cares for his patients more than anybody I know,” says neighbor, Lindsey Barilla.

Dr. Phade attended medical college in India. He completed his rotation in the 70s at the Cook County Hospital in Chicago. He says back then, it was the biggest hospital in the country. From there, he learned about an open general surgeon position in Bluefield and applied.

He’s stayed ever since! Over the past 40 years of serving the Bluefield community, he has made quite an impact.

“If you can cure somebody and he is doing well, that’s the greatest thing that you can achieve in your life. That, you can’t buy with money or anything,” says Dr. Phade.

Although he’s retiring, he is not planning on going anywhere any time soon. “I came here 40 years ago and I love the people… I’m glad I came and I could help them. That’s all I will remember and I will miss them as a patient. I love them.”

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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