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Keeping your child on track, missed school days

The inclement weather conditions have resulted in numerous counties closing schools, forcing some parents and guardians to make arrangements for their kids, to accommodate their work schedules.

Mercer County students have missed six days of school for the month of January, due to the inclement weather conditions.

What options do parents have in Mercer County to keep their kid’s education on track during any weather-related missed school days?

One option, an after school program tailored around the school system’s inclement weather closures.

The City of Bluefield Parks and Recreation Department offers an after school program that can help your child when snow days, slow their education down.

“Any time Mercer County is out of school for snow days or holidays, we open all day camp,” said Shannon Lowe, Youth Development Director for the City of Bluefield. “We have athletic programming, scavenger hunts, educational time for reading and math activities.”

For more information about the after school program, contact the City of Bluefield Parks and Recreation Department. 

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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