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Change to Sunday liquor laws proposed in House of Delegates bill

(Charleston) A bill in the House of Delegates aims to permit liquor sales on Sundays after 1 PM.

Current state law states retailers may not sell liquor on Sundays except for wines and fortified wines. Restaurants, however, are allowed to serve liquor on Sundays. House Bill 2481 would allow liquor retailers to join restaurants in serving on Sundays if the bill makes it through the legislature.

Delegate Brandon Steele (R- Raleigh) is the lead sponsor of bill. He said, “This is just going to make it legal for you to go to the store and buy it. And you can safely go home, just as you can go to a bar or a restaurant and enjoy a drink then too.”

But Delegate Jeff Pack (R- Raleigh) opposes the legislation saying, “I don’t see the benefit to West Virginians by changing the law. It doesn’t necessarily make it a better place to live work or raise a family in West Virginia, so fundamentally I’m not in favor of changing the Sunday liquor law.”

The bill will have a second reading in the House of Delegates on Wednesday

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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