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Legislature holds “Mercer County Day”

(Charleston) Today was Mercer County Day at the Capitol. It happens every year during the legislative session.

Josh Cline the Two Virginias Chamber of Commerce CEO and President said of the day,”We have great delegates that represent our area. That help us get that message out and connect the dots for folks of projects happening in our area. So it’s always been a great even that happens year after year.”

Chamber member and past President Connie Saunders said, “It’s just wonderful to come up here feel the energy, meet new people, hear what’s going on be with all the chamber members and get energy to move forward to the coming year.”

The day helps spread the word to state officials about Mercer County. Senator Chandler Swope (R – Mercer) said, “I’m part of the delegation that’s trying to spread the word about Mercer County. I made an announcement on the floor today about Mercer County, invited everyone to lunch at our delegation. Pointed out they’re all over the building handed out information on Mercer County Day, trying to get the word out about what Mercer County Day is.”

Legislators say the physical presence of their constituents makes a difference. Delegate Ed Evans (D – 26th District) said, “When you come up for a county day it makes all the difference in the world. I had the Bluefield people in this morning from the city, and just had a wonderful talk with them. We even suggested some ideas that could lead to some recreation in the county.”

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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