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House of Delegates makes changes to omnibus education bill

(Charleston) The Education committee in the House of Delegates released a list of changes made to the omnibus education bill sent over from the Senate. These changes were made in the House of Delegates Education Committee since the bill was sent over from the Senate. Here is a summary of some of the changes made so far:

– Expanding the $250 tax credit for service personnel
– Capping the number of charter schools at 6 statewide
– Higher education institutions could not be authorizers of a charter school, but could still create one
– The provision on virtual charter schools was removed
– Educational savings accounts would only be given to special needs students
– Half of the annual leave days would be given at the start of 1st term and the other half given at start of 2nd term
– $500 for missing less than 4 days remains but is clarified to be leave days
– $500 bonus expanded to include all school workers
– Elimination of payroll deduction was removed
– The non-severability clause was removed
– The amount of time a counselor must spend in direct counseling with students was increased to 80%
– Establishes maximum property levy rates and authorizes county boards to increase levy rates after a majority vote by voters

This list does not include any amendments from lawmakers. A public hearing is scheduled for 8 AM on February 11.

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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