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House of Delegates votes 98-0 for family drug court pilot program

(Charleston) A bill in the House of Delegates looks at drug recovery as a family issue through a new family drug court pilot program. House Bill 2686 passed in the House of Delegates today.

A family drug court pilot program seeks to untangle the drug crisis and family issues by treating them at the same time. One of the bill’s sponsors Del. Joe Ellington (R – Mercer) said, “It’s something that would potentially go throughout the state. Almost like our drug court program but it’s family court, where they start working with the family and try and get into the details of what’s affecting them.”

By dealing with drug recovery and family issues at the same time, lawmakers say the recovery process is more likely to stick. They also say a family court drug program may help relieve some of the stress from the already overburdened foster care system.

Another of the bill’s sponsors Del. Kayla Kessinger (R) said, “The reason that the foster care system has increased the number of children that is has, I think, is a direct correlation between the drug problem in our state. And hopefully these family drug courts can help take away some of the burden that the foster care system is currently under.”

The bill passed the House of Delegates with full support. The only critique may be that as a pilot program it can only go so far. Del. Kessinger (R – Mercer) said, “I’d love to see it come to Fayette County but I’m looking forward to the successes and the changes we’ll be able to make through the pilot program to ensure that we will have a successful program.”

House Bill 2686 will now move to the state Senate.

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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