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State’s budget bill already predicted to go to Conference Committee

(Charleston) The House of Delegates Finance Committee has started working on the state’s budget.

The large piece of legislation gets worked on by the House Finance Committee in the House of Delegates and then is sent over to the Senate. After the Senate makes changes the bill is then reconciled with the House of Delegates. If the legislation cannot be reconciled by both chambers the bill will go to conference committee, whereby a small group of legislators from each chamber work on a compromise.

Delegate Mick Bates (D – Raleigh) a member of the Finance Committee said, “I don’t expect that the Senate is going to agree with our budget. So I fully anticipate that we’ll end up in conference.” Adding the House Finance Committee could finalize the budget as early as Tuesday of next week.

Delegate Bates said he would be pushing for more funding for senior programs saying, “We haven’t done a whole lot to sort of help people that are struggling around the state. So I’m going to be advocating for that. For some more money for our senior services and specifically meal programs and home delivered meals for our senior centers back in Raleigh county and around the state.”

Haley Brown

Multimedia Journalist

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