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Students from Concord, Fairmont State & Marshall universities protest campus carry bill

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(WSAZ) – CHARLESTON, WV – Dozens of students from Concord, Fairmont State, and Marshall universities rallied in front of the senate chamber in West Virginia Monday morning to protest the campus carry bill.

The students arrived at the capitol ahead of the senators. The line for security to get in the building was out the door.

Right now, universities and colleges have the option to allow concealed carry on campus, but not a single school in the state allows it.

If this bill passes, that choice would be taken away from schools, meaning anyone with a permit can bring a gun on campus, except for stadiums and arenas.

Students *against* this bill, say if it passes, a college campus will become a dangerous place.

“A lot of our minority students are concerned about how they would be presented in certain situations,” said student Emily Marcum of Fairmont State University. “A lot of women are concerned about sexual assault on campus rising, theft on campus rising.”

Students in favor of the bill say the complete opposite, saying they will feel protected if they can carry a gun.

“I support it because my school and I think all of the opponents of this cannot answer me the question,” said student Jack Garwood of Concord University. “If someone comes into my classroom tomorrow and start shooting at me and my classmates what are we supposed to do? No one can answer that question and I think campus carry helps.”

Senate President Mitch Carmichael says he is in favor of campus carry and thinks the bill will pass through the senate with no problems.

The bill is on the agenda Monday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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