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O’Toole is one step closer to clean water

In February, we brought you the story of a small community near Anawalt in McDowell County called O’Toole.

Their water system is failing and unsanitary. Wednesday, they came one step closer to getting clean water. It’s all thanks to an organization called Keeper of the Mountains Foundation.

McDowell County PSD is the only other option for clean water for the O’Toole community. The only problem is it costs roughly $500 to get connected.

O’Toole residents, Keeper of the Mountains Foundation and McDowell County PSD representatives sat down to map out a plan to get the community connected.

The final plan is to raise the roughly $7,000 required to get every household in O’Toole connected to PSD.

“This is what we do. This is what West Virginians do… It’s my belief that we’re not out here wandering out in the desert alone, we’re a community of people, even if we’re separated by hills and hollers, we’re still a group of people that care about each other and want to see the best for each other,” said Paul Corbit Brown, President of Keeper of the Mountains Foundation.

If you wish to contribute to O’Toole’s water fundraiser, click here.

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