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“Alice in Wonderland” theme celebrates the Mercer County 911 Center

The second week of April is “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week;” a time to honor and celebrate the 911 dispatchers who help to save lives every day.

The Mercer County 911 Center creates a different theme every year to honor their dispatchers. This year, the company decided to have a week-long theme: Alice in Wonderland.

The 911 center is decorated with different scenes taken from the movie, even the White Rabbit.

The center chose Alice in Wonderland as a theme because it represents an imaginative world, sensitive to space and time.

“In the movie, Alice asked the White Rabbit how long is forever,” said Julie Lockhart, Training Coordinator for the 911 Center. “He said, sometimes forever can be a second. A lot of times, we [911 dispatchers] think that’s how our callers feel. Because in an emergency one second can feel like a lifetime when you’re scared or panicked or frightened for a loved one.”

The 911 center says they’re grateful for all organizations that have provided support to their dispatch, this week and throughout the years.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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