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Crucifixion Reenactment in Princeton

Families worldwide have begun to celebrate Easter, which means church, Easter egg hunts and gatherings.

Planet Xtreme Community Theater started the holiday weekend by taking over Mercer Street in Princeton.

Forty-five members of the theater group performed a crucifixion reenactment that included Jesus, his supporters and a mob, allowing the story to unfold before your eyes.

“It’s important to walk down the street behind Christ,” said Tim Smith, Executive Director for Planet Xtreme. “You see the whippings, the persecution and the weight that was on him.”

Planet Xtreme provides teens an opportunity to work with actors of all ages throughout the year, including the crucifixion reenactment.

“When you’re an actor and you only get to do comedy, it really blocks what you can do,” said Sampson Dillion, an actor with the theater company. “The reenactment has really helped expand our talents.”

The process for the actors is intense, both physically and emotionally.

The entire make-up process for all the actors requires nine hours.

Issac Preston portrayed Jesus in the reenactment and says preparing for the role comes with challenges and successes.

“I was trying to get that proper mindset,” said Preston. “You see me getting whipped and it’s painful. But it’s very minor compared to what Jesus actually went through.”

“Sometimes seeing a visual or hearing something helps the story make sense to people,” said Smith. “A lot of times, we loose context for the stories we read, so when we do these reenactments, it brings to life what really happened.”

For more information about the reenactment or future productions, contact Planet Xtreme Community Theater on their Facebook page.



Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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