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Virginia LOVEWork unveiled in Pocahontas

TAZEWELL COUNTY, VA (WVVA) Throughout Virginia, more than 135 locations have LOVE signs on their properties representing the “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan. They’re known as LOVEWorks.

Another was unveiled in Tazewell County on Wednesday.

“It’s a good way to greet them and to welcome them into Virginia with love,” says Ginger Cates, the owner of Real McCoy Cabins in Pocahontas, VA.

Cates designed the newly unveiled LOVEWorks sign on the Real McCoy Cabins property. Its theme is ‘rustic luxury,’ the same theme in which the cabins were designed.

The LOVEWork campaign is a unique tourist attraction because each piece of artwork is different from the next. Anyone can design the sign for their town or business any way they like.

This year, the Commonwealth is honoring the 50th anniversary of the Virginia is for Lovers slogan. There will be celebrations in Tazewell County and throughout Virginia all summer.

Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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