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Veterans unite for annual “Wounded Warriors Turkey Hunt”

BLAND COUNTY, VA (WVVA) This is the ninth year for the  “Wounded Warriors Turkey Hunt” in Bland County.

Veterans gather in a lodge for three days, engaging in turkey hunts, enjoy some home cooking plus lots of fun.

But it’s more than just a nice getaway.

The turkey hunt is about supporting veterans who’ve been wounded physically or emotionally to help ensure brighter days are felt at home.

“You hear about 22 veterans a day committing suicide,” said Anthony Scyphers, volunteer and sponsor for the turkey hunt. “We wanted to have a program where Veterans could come into a safe environment.”

The annual hunt started about nine years ago while veteran George Shupe and his wife were sitting at their kitchen table.

“I had to do something for veterans,” said Shupe, veteran and founder of “Wounded Warriors Turkey Hunt. “We took our tax money refund and put it on our first hunt.”

The turkey hunting tradition continues to support wounded veterans on 1,000 acres of land donated by Bland County landowners.

For more details about the hunt, visit the Bland County Wounded Warriors Turkey Hunt Facebook page.

Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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