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Design 1 Group hiring local employees

RICHLANDS, VA (WVVA) A Tazewell County business is on the hunt for additional employees.

Design 1 Group is a solar energy company headquartered in Richlands, VA.

Over the past year, the company has expanded to major cities like Richmond, VA and Nashville, TN. Next, they’re headed to Texas and Nevada.

To match the rapid growth of the company, they’re looking to hire more employees.

“Right now, we’re looking for telemarketers, phone personnel, in marketing. I’m looking for bubbly personalities, clear spoken and aggressive folks that can call homeowners and schedule appointments for our outside sales reps,” said Chris Cole, owner of Design 1 Group. “I think that this area needs some help. We’re a coal mining town that hasn’t been a coal mining town in a long, long time. Our goal here was to put money into the economy, not take it out. So, as many folks that we can hire from Tazewell County, Richlands… that’s what we’re really after.”

In addition to telemarketers, Design 1 Group is hiring an Administrative Assistant and a Web Developer.

Visit Design 1 Group online or call 844-765-2755 to apply.


Rachel Anderson

Multimedia Journalist

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