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Mostly sunny skies, but rain showers are near

Another day with high pressure settled over top of us. This will allow us to see mostly sunny skies. Starting off our day cold, in the upper 30s and lower 40s for most. A few areas, especially in the deeper valleys may have some frost. Even though we are waking up cooler today than yesterday, our highs will be about ten degrees higher or so, but we are still below average. Highs will be in the middle-upper 60s. We won’t be as breezy either, winds will settle around 5-10 miles per hour. To our south and west, there is a front that could potentially bring us some stray showers mainly for the southern portions of the viewing area tonight. These showers look to clear out quickly if they trek into our neck of the woods.

Thursday looks to be our first 70 degree day of the week with a slight chance for rain showers. Most of us will be dry, but areas north of I-64 and areas closer and along I-81 could see some quick showers pop back into the forecast. Most of us will have dry conditions underway with clouds building in. Lows will bounce back into the lower 50s.

To end our week, Friday temperatures are continuing to be on the rise. Upper 70s and lower 80s with a potential for some rain showers and thunderstorms to impact us. The weekend is still showing a potential for some rain showers, but we should be much drier than what we experienced this past weekend. Sunday holds onto the best chance for the widespread showers during the weekend. Temperatures will soar into the 80s this weekend and we will continue with a warm streak through the beginning parts of next week.

Catherine Maxwell

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