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Family wants justice for Lexi, 2018 Memorial Day Weekend attack

It’s been over a year since two dogs were dragged and stabbed in Mercer County, in the Lilly Grove Subdivision of Princeton.

The attack happened over the 2018 Memorial Day weekend.

One of the dogs, Lexi, was attacked after she escaped her kennel and was found later that evening at a residence.

Lexi is believed to have been dragged by a car and stabbed.

The second dog is believed to have been dragged, stabbed and partially skinned, and was found dead within a mile from where Lexi was discovered.

The responsible party has not been identified and Lexi’s family wants her attacker to have their day in court.

“She has a heartbeat and understands what she went through,” said Samantha Dickerson, Lexi’s owner. “I hope whoever did it feels guilt everyday.”

The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is asking anyone with tips or information about the attacks to contact the department at 304-487-8364.

PETA and the Mercer County Humane Society are offfering a combined $8,300 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the responsible party.


Jennifer Roberts

Multimedia Journalist

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